Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Snowmobile Now Makes It Easier To Have Fatal Accident

Carleton Place - Bombardier launched their latest snowmobile model this week in hopes of attracting new riders interested in killing themselves faster and more efficiently. Dubbed the "Dead Sled XRT", the highly dangerous machine was re-engineered to expedite certain death while riding it at speeds approaching 400km/h utilizing the extreme speed in its 350 Hp Triple Carb High output V-8 engine.

"We really wanted to make sure the DS-XRT riders would be on the brink of certain death every time they hopped on it, so we made some modifications to make that a reality." explained Bombardier Ski-Doo Division President Donald Fortier from his Montreal headquarters. Other deadly features include headlight omission, brake delete, intermittent acceleration to 400 km/h and a GPS tracking system that automatically steers the snow machine towards rusty wire fences,avalanches, thin lake ice and treed areas.

"Serious injuries and possibly death are all now accessible for those snowmobile riders that were not close enough to it before." explained Fortier.

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