Sunday, February 27, 2011

GIGANTO-MART From Planet Glaxus Drives Wal-Mart Into Bankruptcy

Arkansas - The once all-mighty leader in retail department stores is now threatened by bankruptcy as GIGANTO-MART from planet Glaxus becomes the new leader of the discount department store market. A once unknown company that arrived on the scene late last year, GIGANTO-MART has now taken a massive profit share from Wal-Mart, forcing them to close stores in the United States and Canada, killing the big-box mall in suburban sectors of cities across North America.

With Wal-Mart once reigning supreme in the department and super-store division, it now faces massive lay-offs of its over 40,000 employees and a drastic store-closure initiative to curb operating costs in 2011. Hundreds of big-box stores are now forced to close and board up as GIGANTO-MART continues to expand and demolish any chance of Wal-Mart has of making a profit. "We're seeing more and more of these little Wal-Marts closing up in big-box malls across North America." Global Retail Analyst Herb Norton explained. "They just can't compete with GIGANTO-MART's low prices and cost effective, large scale stores popping up in suburban areas." Norton explained. "More and more of these smaller little big-box stores will have to close up and file for bankruptcy if GIGANTO-MART continues expanding." remarked Norton, who foresees Wal-Mart going out of business by the end of 2012.

GIGANTO-MART president and CEO Kluu-Xekla-4 was unavailable for comment from his home planet of Glaxus, but in a recent press release, explained his company's success is part of a world domination plan that will come to a final stage in 2012. "GIGANTO-MART offers its valued customers exceptional savings, value, quality and service unmatched across the galaxy." the company website states.

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