Thursday, February 17, 2011

Protesters In Middle East Now Protesting Protests

The Middle East- Thousands of protesters in various Middle Eastern countries took to the streets today to protest the protests that have taken over much of the region recently. Capital cities throughout the Arab world were filled with hundreds of demonstrators screamng, yelling, chanting and sporadically firing guns into the air. Children and adults alike joined in the protests that are protesting the protests and call for an immediate end to the incessant protesting.

Battling tear gas and riot police, many of the protesters forgot what they were protesting about, but used the occasion to hurl rocks, scream, burn cars and cause rampant trouble on city streets. "I want somebody to step down somewhere!" one protester screamed to the media.

With tensions rising in the Arab and Middle Eastern states, these latest protests protesting protests are only adding fuel to the spreading fires of unrest. Middle Eastern leaders are making a plea for peace and calm during the civil tension and are asking world leaders to be tolerant of the situation.

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