Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Royal Newlyweds To Visit Ottawa This Summer, Watson Announces Plans To Convert Sparks Street Into "Coronation Street" In Their Honour

Ottawa - A recent announcement that the Royal newlyweds, Prince William and Kate Middleton will visit Ottawa this summer has sent the city abuzz with excitement and has Mayor Watson planning to convert the Sparks Street Mall into a replica of "Coronation Street" to honour their visit.

"As Mayor of Ottawa I would like to formally announce immediate plans to convert Sparks Street Mall into an exact replica set of the hit British television series "Coronation Street" to honour the Royal visit." an excited Watson announced earlier this evening at City Hall. "The citizens of Ottawa heartily welcome our new Royal couple and would like to make them feel at home by converting the dead zone previously known as Sparks Street, into the more recognizable and honourable "Coronation Street" Watson remarked. Plans are also underway to have Watson's teeth surgically altered to match the unsightly British dental image of the visiting Brits, complete with discolouration and misalignment.

"We need to make William and Kate feel at home, so I think the teeth alteration and street conversion will assist immensely." replied Watson who has booked Canada Day as the day of celebration welcoming the Royals to Ottawa.

Construction crews have immediately begun to demolish parts of Sparks Street and also outlined foundations for the accurate replica set of Coronation Street, complete with a cobblestone street and British Working class architecture. "The Royals will feel right at home and I look forward to honouring their presence in the Capital this Canada Day, which I am looking into changing the name to a more fitting "Katilliam Day"...." Watson announced before Tweeting the elaborate plans for the visit on his ever ready mobile phone.

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