Monday, February 7, 2011


Wellington West - A local restaurant has left an 87 year old man completely confused as to who to leave a tip for after approximately 34 different wait staff served his Monday night meal. Gus Hardy was in a state of disarray trying to figure out the gratuity since 12 of the servers were great while the other 22 were sub-standard. “I don’t know who I’m leaving a tip this the new thing in dining, to have 30 different people bring my meal?” questioned Hardy who ventured into Devine, a new boutique dining experience in Wellington West.

Hardy usually dines at the local Kristy’s restaurant where one waitress serves him his usual selection of prime rib, but at Devine, Hardy had a multitude of servers, making the tipping process difficult for the World War 2 veteran who is used to tipping one individual. “ I had one guy, bring me water, another guy bring me bread, some other guy brought fancy butter, another girl brought some mush on a spoon, another brought my beer, this young kid took my order, some hippie grabbed my empty plates, a cute girl brought my salad, another girl put pepper on it, two guys brought my main course, an older gentleman asked how the meal was, a lad then took my empty plates, some new girl asked what I wanted for dessert then by the time I finished the meal and the bill came, 12 other people had vsited my table.” an exasperated Hardy explained.

Frustrated by the experience, Hardy left 34 quarters on the table, 25 cents for each sever who served him, along with an additional 50 cent bill in Canadian Tire money for whoever wanted it.

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