Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Neighbourhood Christmas Craft Shows Guarantee Many Will Receive Crappy Hand Made Gifts This Holiday Season

Ottawa - As the holiday season approaches, more and more craft shows and church bazaars are being held which offer countless hand made crafts to idea starved consumers. The abundance of holiday craft fairs in the region insure homemade jams, Macrame Kleenex box covers, tacky leather belts, wood carved pen holders and hundreds of other crappy hand made gifts will be under many Christmas trees this year.

“Why buy an expensive and common electronic or stereo item from a big box store when you can give a loved one a carefully crafted and hand painted ceramic clown lamp.” explained Fisher Park crafter Lori Fairbanks who makes handmade pottery items and hand knitted socks. “It’s truly a unique gift when you give something that’s handmade.” Fairbanks endorsed before heading back to work on a a beautiful ceramic Elvis head bedpan.

Many consumers are finding the craft shows a welcome change from the busy area shopping malls and look forward to giving the one of a kind gifts this Christmas. “I just picked up an el paca wool sock puppet.” Glen Likman commented as he perused the Hintonburg Craft Market. “It’s just so whimsical and unique, and I know my son wanted an XBOX, but this should make him smile even more.” Likman replied before purchasing a cheese cutting board made out of an old canoe paddle.

Craft fairs in your neighbourhood can usually be found in the dank basements of your local church or in the sweat smelling gymnasiums of your local community centre within the next few weeks.


  1. You haven't lived till you've lived with a synthetic yellow crocheted toilet-paper cover doll.

  2. Funny post! Next year though, I recommend that you check out Idle Hands... very indie, and NOT in a church basement or school gym. There's even a dj spinning tunes...