Monday, December 6, 2010

Crotchety Old Lady Remembered As Crotchety Old Lady

Wellington Street West- The mean spirited and cantankerous old woman who lived on Faraday Avenue in the Wellington West neighbourhood succumbed to her injuries last night after being eaten alive by her 87 cats found in her dilapidated residence. Known to many nearby residents as the "old hag" she will not be remembered or missed. Helga Mossbean, 87, was usually seen yelling at the local children to get off her lawn or at neighbours whose grass clippings would happen to blow onto her driveway. The retired federal employee would sit on her porch with her cats and yell at kids returning home from school not to “lolly-gag” in front of her residence.

When Mossbean’s sister came to check in on the residence Wednesday morning, it was discovered she had been eaten by her cats who seemingly turned on their owner. Mossbean was then taken to the Civic Hospital where she succumbed to the multiple lacerations inflicted by her vengeful cats and then family members were notified. Acquaintances and neighbours remember Mossbean as a “crotchety old lady” who “never really had a nice thing thing to say to anyone." Her 87 cats were taken to the Ottawa Humane Society pending adoption.

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