Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gary From Accounting Enjoying New Status As “Party Animal” After Getting Wasted At Office Christmas Party

Kanata- Once known as the mild mannered accountant from Section D, Gary Humphrey, or “The Hump” as he is now referred to, is enjoying his new inter-office status as a “wild guy” after last week’s office party that got out of control.

Formerly thought of as the weird, quiet guy who kept to himself, Gary elevated his social status within InexaCom Technologies after displaying some bold dance moves, hilarious impersonations of upper management staff and photocopying his private parts at an “off the hook” office Christmas party that InexaCom hosted last week. Humphrey’s relatively dry sense of humour took on a whole new meaning after a few drinks at the nearby Kelsey’s Restaurant where Inexacom held their annual holiday party.

“Gary was always so quiet, but after a few Mucho Margaritas he really let his hair down and became the life of the party.” exclaimed fellow employee Diane Fleming who works with Gary in Section D. “Normally he heads home at exactly 5:35pm each day and watches his PVR’d “Stargate” episodes, but last week something got into him and he is now the celebrity of the office.” Fleming explained.

Humphrey, 42, is single and lives in a semi-detached home in Barrhaven and has been a model employee at InexaCom for over 8 years, heading up the Accounting Division in Section D for the last 3 years.

“Gary really got loaded and brought the party up a notch from what is usually a lame time, to something we are all talking about at the water cooler.” commented Kyle Vaughn, who always assumed Humphrey was a weirdo, Asian porn fanatic. “Yeah, that dude really cut loose and changed my perception of him.” Vaughn noted. “Gary is now the cool guy around the office...I mean, dancing to the Macarena on the VP’s desk was brilliant.”

The morning after the party, Humphrey exchanged numerous high-fives among co-workers, and is now the topic of conversation between many female colleagues who dismissed him as being a nerd. “Gary is definitely on my dating hit-list now.” responded Laurie Jenkins, who along with many others, always thought of Humphrey as a nerdy, undesirable “quiet guy” within the office.

When questioned about his newly acquired status within InexaCom, Humphrey shrugged it off that it was just a night out, and hopes no one thinks any less of him as a professional accountant. “I had a few drinks, let my guard down and ended up spending the night passed out behind the copier, but I think it was all worth it if I can now chat with the guys beside me at the urinal.” replied Humphrey.

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