Friday, December 17, 2010

Refugees Excited About Latest Design For Flimsy Raft

Cuba - Scores of refugees are abuzz with excitement over the release of the 2011 Flimsy Raft Catalogue that showcases the latest in refugee escape rafts. Thousands of refugees have already lined up to purchase their flimsy raft kit at hardware stores across Cuba, Somalia, and parts of Indonesia.

The 2011 models feature new advancements in design, such as duct tape fastening, rain barrel hulls and broom handle sail masts. Seating capacity has also increased in the newest models, allowing 237 refugees to sit somewhat comfortably on a 12 foot raft. Previous raft designs would fit only 215 refugees per raft, and the masking tape and glue was known to break apart during a perilous refugee crossing, making the escape to a better country somewhat of a problem.

"Now we can paddle much more safely to seek asylum in other countries." replied Jose Canstonas, a recent refugee who is looking forward to piloting his 2011 model raft to Miami in the spring. "I was scared the raft may break apart in a strong wind and I'd be eaten by sharks during my journey to freedom, but now with the duct taped construction, I feel safer and look forward to a new life." Canstonas remarked.

Refugeez! the raft company that manufactures the boat kits is confident the new 2011 models will exceed customer expectations for sea travel. "We designed the latest rafts to endure a stiff breeze and handle more people aboard, but as always, can not guarantee a completely uneventful voyage." Refugeez! spokesperson Gord Pinstrap responded when asked about his company's rafts. "The sharks are bigger this year, so we are looking at fitting a shotgun aboard the our 2012 rafts." Pinstrap added.

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