Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thousands Of Elves Jobless As Santa Moves Toy Production To China

North Pole - With only two days left before Christmas, hundreds of elves at the North Pole received their lay-off notices announcing a bold move by Santa to move his entire toy production to mainland China in 2011. The news comes as a shock to the hundreds of jovial little elves that have slaved for hundreds of years for the North Pole's largest employer, and are in the process of dealing with the sad news of looming unemployment.

"We've worked so hard for so many years, working countless hours on toys for the world's children, and now we are just being tossed to the curb." sobbed Head Elf Jingle Jangle, who has been with the North Pole production facility since 1947. "We all knew Santa was in financial difficulty, but none of us expected this." Jangle remarked before seeking work in an upcoming Star Wars film.

Santa's production of toys at the North Pole has faced recent financial difficulties over the last three hundred years, after making and distributing millions of toys free of charge which has resulted in a $987 trillion debt for Santa. Also blamed is the lack of demand for the finely crafted wooden toys the elves were producing, with many children demanding newer video game systems and advanced electronics which the elves are unable to produce.

The toy production will move to Xing Chung Province in earlier 2011 and most elves will see their North Pole toy factory shut down in March of 2011, sending thousands of elves to the unemployment line. "I think a lot of us will find work in the entertainment industry, but we are saddened Santa has not given us a choice to work with the Chinese on making toys for kids around the world." Jangle remarked. Santa Claus was unavailable for comment but is still expected to make delivery of the toys this Christmas Eve.


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