Monday, November 29, 2010

Office Christmas Season Launched By Receptionists Across The Continent With Holiday Sweaters And Trinkets On Desk

Canada- The Christmas season was officially launched in offices across the country today when receptionists began wearing Holiday sweaters and piling Christmas trinkets on their desks. Many offices are usually unclear as to when the Christmas season and office decorating will commence, but the receptionist's bold move to wearing colourful sweaters and placing assorted Christmas paraphernalia on their desks heralds the season has begun.

"I really didn't have a clue when Christmas celebrating begins around the office, but Kim at the front desk started wearing her reindeer sweater so now I know I can start looking forward to Christmas." office employee Gary Narkin commented as he began work Monday morning at Telenex Industries in Kanata. Known for her elaborate Christmas decorating on her desk and around the office, Kim Stanston is happy to be launching Christmas at Telenex each year with her adornments. "I like to bring Christmas to the office in my own special way." Stanson remarked as she carefully placed a ceramic North Pole miniature village on her reception desk at Telenex. "It just cheers up the office and makes people look forward to our office Christmas party even more."

Following on the heels of the receptionist Christmas launch, many offices are also booking their office Christmas parties at local Kelsey's, Milestone's, and Lone Star locations. "Last year Telenex really pulled out all the stops and took us to the Lone Star and Kevin got so wasted he barfed in a sombrero!" exclaimed Jamie Rottwiner who is anxious to attend this year's holiday party at the nearby Moxie's Grill. "The reception desk has a bowl of candy canes on it now, so I know the party can't be too far off." said Rottwiner.

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