Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Segregated Construction Lane Snarls Westboro Traffic

Westboro - Traffic in the Westboro area along Richmond Road was congested further today after the City Of Ottawa created a double Segregated Construction Lane (SCL) that reduces road traffic to a single 5 foot wide lane. The new Segregated Construction Lane will allow the influx of thousands of construction vehicles being used for the widespread condo developments in the Westboro area to operate with more ease. Previously, construction vehicles and regular street traffic would have to battle for movement in the busy condo corridor of Richmond Road. The new SCL will allow construction vehicles accessing the condo construction sites and sewer/road work to travel without the local residents getting in the way.

City Of Ottawa Road Works Manger Lloyd Henderson says the construction vehicle-only SCL is similar in nature to Ottawa's recent Segregated Bike Lane along Laurier Avenue that allows cyclists to travel with greater ease and safety. "This new SCL will really make it easier for the hundreds of construction vehicles that operate on Richmond Road each day to increase both their efficiency and safety." Henderson remarked. "Regular traffic will just have to squeeze into the single 5 foot wide lane now, and be patient as they sit in traffic for up to 50 minutes trying to drive along the Westboro/Wellington West corridor." 

Residents are somewhat upset over the creation of the SCL along the busy and trendy corridor of condos, boutique and coffee shops, with many opting to abandon their cars while waiting in traffic and get a coffee, then return to the still waiting line of cars. "I usually just put the car in Park, get out and grab a Bridgehead, then come back and still no one has moved." says local resident Gary Delipp. 

Drivers using the Richmond Road/Wellington corridor are reminded by the City Of Ottawa to adhere to the new signs and SCL markings that are designated with a painted orange lane either side of the street and remain in their vehicles during the long wait times. The SCL is planned to remain in use until condo development along the Westboro corridor is completed in 2089.

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