Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crowds Gather To Observe Strange Object In Barrhaven

Barrhaven residents gather in front of a mysterious object on a nearby lawn.
Barrhaven - The usually quiet suburb of Barrhaven was bustling with hundreds of residents gathering to observe a strange object that appeared on a nearby lawn Sunday morning.  Crowds with cameras and other recording devices observed the unusual object as it sat motionless on the lawn of 346 Forestcrest Avenue.  Standing a safe distance from the greenish object, many wondered if the vertical object had fallen from an overhead plane. One resident, Lloyd Nolan, 38, claims he saw the mystery object being unloaded from a truck early Sunday morning, but is unsure what it may be. "I've lived here for five years and have never seen anything like it." Nolan explained.

City officials have been sent to the Barrhaven area to study the odd object and try to determine what it is and if it poses an immediate danger to the area and residents. "We'll make sure we take the necessary precautions studying the object, and if it's safe to do so, we will remove it immediately." remarked City Safety Inspector Kevin Newcomb.

The object stands approximately 9 feet high, with a greenish texture and moves slightly when exposed to shifts in wind. Police are warning onlookers to keep a safe distance and to remain indoors until the object can be removed. Some residents fear other such objects might appear in the future and want to know how they can protect their suburban community from what could be an invasive species. "We live here to enjoy the uninterrupted vinyl clad scenery and we don't want that threatened." Barrhaven resident Sheryl Pantree commented before shielding the eyes of her two children away from the unknown object.

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