Thursday, September 6, 2012

Realistic "Family" Car Window Stickers Now Available

Ottawa - The recent trend of vehicle owners adhering stickers to their back windows denoting their family status has taken a turn for the worst as new, more detailed stickers have appeared on a number of area minivans and SUVs. These new stickers appear to more realistically depict the actual lifestyle status of the driver and/or the occupants of the vehicle. Up until now, most stickers show a happy family of stick people and pets who travel in the vehicle. Golfing, soccer and a variety of other family activities have been placed on numerous vehicle back windows around town. However, these recently spotted new stickers in the Ottawa area depict a darker, more truthful insight to the vehicle's owner and their life.


Westboro DINKS
Crazy Spinster Cat Lady
Living In Parent's Basement
Recently Divorced

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