Monday, September 10, 2012

New Grocery Divider Sticks Provide Utmost Divisional Privacy

Ottawa - After years of slamming down dividers between groceries on the cashier check-out conveyor belt, senior citizens and paranoid customers will now get a chance to ensure their groceries remain separated while also enjoying increased grocery item privacy. Previously, many customers had to endure the judging stares of other customers as their groceries were laid out on the cashier conveyor belt for all to see. At times their groceries may have been mixed in with other customers grocery items ahead or behind them, resulting in panic, hysteria and frustration. 

Grocery stores across the city will begin implementing the new high-shield privacy dividers later this week, allowing paranoid customers to rest easy while their grocery items travel down the conveyor belt towards the cashier scanning area. No longer will nervous, edgy customers have to be concerned that their items will be mixed in with anyone else's groceries using this latest divisional stick technology.

Metro store manager Gary Hussey says the new dividers will help ease tensions some of his senior customers feel when checking their grocery items through the cash. "Sometimes the old divider sticks would be overlooked by the cashier and an extra item would be added to the customer's bill resulting in hysteria and angry outbursts." Hussey explained. "With these new high-dividers, concerned customers can rest assured their groceries will be clearly divided and be hidden from judging eyes." says Hussey.


  1. Now that´s a really big divider. I don´t see that we in Sweden need that kind of divider´s ... yet ;)!

    In the states, is it common that there is adds on the "regular" dividers, like coca cola or something?

    Anna Friman
    Invision Media Group
    Marketing Communications Coordinator

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