Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Local Manchu Wok Hires First Caucasian

Howard Simmons, a caucasian, serving at Manchu Wok
Carlingwood Mall - The food court at Carlingwood Mall was abuzz Monday morning as news swept through the crowds of senior citizens gathered there for their morning coffee and 5 hour chats that a white, Anglo-Saxon male had been hired by the Manchu Wok in the food court.

Reaction to the news of a caucasian working at Manchu Wok at
Carlingwood Mall food court
Howard Simmons, 23, has become the first-ever Caucasian male to be hired to work the front line of the busy Manchu Wok franchise of food court restaurants. Previously only employees of Asian descent were ever hired to dispense the processed Chinese food items from the busy mall food court counter. Simmons, who has previous food court experience working at the neighbouring New York Fries, says the position comes with a huge responsibility to serve mall chinese food with respect and cultural awareness. "This is not like slinging fries at NYF," commented Simmons, "I'm here to represent a company and its brand of fast, fresh Chinese foods." he explained.

Reactions within the Carlingwood Mall Food Court were mixed, with some elderly patrons expressing worry that their Chinese Combo #4 would not taste the same and have the same Chinese flare with a white male serving it. "It just seems like I'm not getting the whole Chinese experience with a white kid handing me my plate of Sweet&Sour chicken balls and a Pepsi." said Vic Atkins, 84, who often frequents the mall food court. Others said they applaud the hiring of a Caucasian serving at Manchu Wok and look forward to seeing more diversification within mall food courts. "I think its great, and now maybe we can get a nice white boy to serve us over at the 'Jimmy The Greek' instead of that other unkempt fellow." remarked Helen Hayworth, 76, who often eats at the food court. 

Simmons hopes he can help bring awareness of reverse racial stereotyping at mall food courts and urges other businesses to hire non-ethnic employees. "I also applied over at 'Made In Japan' , 'Jimmy the Greek' and 'Sbarro' but they never returned my calls." said Simmons. 


  1. Brilliant sir, Brilliant. I've been boycotting that place for two decades, now I can finally eat there.

  2. I think I was actually the first white person to work at a Manchu Wok -at the Bayshore location. During my short stint there, all the customers would say "omg you must be the first white person to work here."