Thursday, September 13, 2012

New "Pop-Up" Meth Lab In Vanier

Hutchins new "Pop-Up" meth lab in Vanier
Ottawa - Already an established trend in big cities, the concept of the pop-up has hit Vanier with an all new Pop-Up Meth Lab. The concept of using a portable shipping container in a temporary location intrigued Vanier's Master MethMaker, Dwayne Hutchins, who has been concocting a variety of  popular methamphetamines in the area for over 15 years. Hutchins, a locally known MethMaster, recently moved into the pop-up scene after seeing how popular it was with restaurants and other service industries. “I wasn’t feeling the energy anymore,” the 45-year-old said as he prepared his new portable meth lab for business. “This has brought me back to feeling like a kid again,” he said.

With a bustling and vibrant meth scene already established, Hutchins knew a pop-up in Vanier would be a draw, and so far has had over a thousand crackheads, addicts and other meth clientele approach the pop-up with great enthusiasm. For plugged-in meth enthusiasts, it was a notable event. Chris Fournier, a self-proclaimed methhead said he was there for “the art and the excitement of it.” Others said they enjoyed the temporary aspect to the business and look forward to Hutchins next venture which is a pop-up brothel. "I like it because I can just quickly close it down and move it whenever the cops catch wind of my location, and be open for business again at a new location in a matter of hours." remarked Hutchins. His pop-up brothel is planned for early December offering neighbourhood Johns to utilize the temporary whore house.

“It’s all about the whole idea of the pop-up,” Hutchins explained.
Brad LaRue, there with two friends, also sensed the vibe factor of the night.
“There’s so much hipness here,” said the Vanier resident, harbouring doubts about whether he was cool enough to be there. "But I wanted to try it and sample some of Hutchins new work." replied LaRue.

Hutchins Pop-Up Meth Lab can be found in the heart of Vanier on any given night, usually shrouded in darkness.

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