Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Safety Concerns Arise As Concrete Balloons Take To The Skies Over Gatineau

Gatineau - The 24th Annual Gatineau Hot-Air Balloon festival that opens this weekend is in hot water after it was announced concrete hot air balloons will take to the skies during this year's festivities. Safety concerns have been raised after recent Quebec concrete mishaps on roadways and bridges, leading organizers to re-consider having the Quebec Concrete Balloons participate in the 3 day festival in Gatineau.

Festival organizer, Gilles Guimond is confident the concrete balloons are safe enough to hover overhead of the thousands of spectators who attend the annual event. "The balloons there, are safe, the concrete has been inspected and no visible signs of cracking or deteriorating were found." Guimond remarked. 'These concrete balloons should be just as safe as the cloth ones, and are even non-flammable." explained Guimond, who has been overseeing the festival for the last 15 years. "Quebec concrete has gotten some bad press lately, but I am confident these concrete balloons will remain aloft during their performance over the heads of 10,000 people."

Recent failed concrete in Quebec has been responsible for considerable damage to persons and property, and has some people upset they are now putting concrete balloons into the Gatineau skies. "I am just imagining one breaking apart in the sky, it would be so tragic." a concerned citizen Margot Chase replied when asked about the concrete balloons. "Let's just hope these heavier-than-air devices are carefully inspected before taking to the skies." Chase remarked.

For the last 24 years, the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon festival has hosted hundreds of balloons at their festival and hopes the new concrete balloons will draw even more crowds this year. "The large propane tanks blasting large flames to heat the concrete shells should be quite a spectacle." Guimond replied. "We hope the concrete balloons return next year as well."

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