Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kanata Family Praise Giant SUV After Encountering Some Uneven Pavement And Gravel Road Construction

Kanata - The Kiley family is thanking their over-sized Lincoln Mastodon SUV after encountering some unexpected road construction on their way back from Montana's Grill in the Centrum Mall Monday evening.

The family of four, who have lived in the suburb of Kanata since 2009, were taken by surprise by some unforeseen road construction on Terry Fox Drive which resulted in the substantially large SUV having to navigate some treacherous road conditions. Dust, gravel, potholes and an uneven section of the pavement were all experienced by the vehicle, which traversed the adverse conditions with ease, although the driver of the vehicle, 34 year old Tammy Kiley was treated for shock after the encounter. “I had no idea why the pavement just ended like that and turned into gravel with potholes.” Kiley explained. “All I could do was grip the Corinthian stitched leather wrapped steering wheel even harder and hope the Traction Control system kicked in.” a traumatized Kiley recounted. “You just hope the car can make it through the terrain and that the family would be safe.”

Uncommon for a SUV to experience such adverse conditions in the suburbs of Ottawa, the Kileys are thankful they choose the All-Wheel-Drive and Tru-Trac suspension options when they bought their Lincoln Mastodon last year, “I wanted it fully loaded in case something like this were to happen.” remarked Duncan Kiley, Tammy's husband who was in the passenger seat during the ordeal. “The SUV has only seen smooth pavement from our house to Innovatech Systems, so we were all scared of what was going to happen. You just hope the vehicle can handle it.” Duncan Kiley, 45, remarked. “I had a couple of Mega Margaritas at Montana’s so Tammy drove home. I remember thinking that I was grateful that we got the SUV so we would all be safe.”

Weighing over 4 tonnes with seating for 10, the Mastodon is the largest in Lincoln’s fleet of SUV’s, and claims it was designed for the rough, and sometimes dangerous world of suburban driving. “We wanted our vehicle to remain a safe haven for our drivers so they have peace of mind encountering situations like the one the Kiley’s experienced.” Director of Lincoln Canada Customer Relations Herb Dangard replied. “We design and test our SUVs for these kind of conditions.” explained Dangard. Boasting a 498 HP V-10 engine with 3000 cubic feet of cargo space, the Mastodon is fast becoming the vehicle of choice for suburban families who require the safety and confidence of handling treacherous road construction, while at the same time, accommodating large items from Home Sense and Best Buy. The Mastodon is also able to transport an entire PeeWee soccer team and comes equipped with cappuccino machine and built-in 46" LED screen entertainment system.

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