Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Txting, Twitter Shud Elimin8 Need 4 Vowels By 2015: Stdy

The advnt of the Smrt Phone, iPhone & other instnt mssging devices shud eliminate the need for vowels by 2015, & reduce the common alphabet to a more effcnt 18 letters a rcnt stdy has concld. Dr. Freeborn from the Univ. of Minneapolis Language Science Dept has stated that the recnt trend of the global population to reduce the use of certain vowels in their communications via txt messging or “Tweeting” will most likely result in vowels being dropped altogether from everyday use within the nxt five years.

Dr. Freeborn’s stdy comes @ a time when most people are now communicating thru cellular devices for ease & efficiency, evolving the common language to the point where vowels will become obsolete. “The use of instant messaging is a catalyst for the degradation of the common English language, and will eliminate the need for any vowels at all.” Freeborn commented at a recent confrnce on Language Studies in Geneva. Freeborn’s research shows that ovr 80% of all instnt messges transmitted use shortened forms of words to comply with the undr 40 charcters restriction most txt messages have. This resulted in the dropping of vowels, using numbers, or just short forms of words instead.

Freeborn also states in his study that not only will all vowels be eliminated from the alphabet by 2015, but human speech will be unnecessary by 2050, and possibly human contact interaction unnecessary by 2080. Business, dating, and marriage relations will all be done through device messaging, eliminating the need to argue, console or mediate in the uncomfortable and inefficient “face to face” format.

“The trend of using cellular devices to converse, socialize and inform one another will most certainly spell the end of human contact within the next cntry.” Freeborn rpld as he Tweeted about his nxt seminar on his iPhone.

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