Friday, November 26, 2010

Trendy New Restaurant Serves Meals By Intravenous Bag

Byward Market- A new restaurant is offering patrons culinary delights through intravenous bags prepared by acclaimed Ottawa chef Steven Klasket, who opened his new restaurant, “BAG” in the Byward Market last weekend.

Critics and foodies alike are raving over the new gastropub style eatery that serves prepared meals in a medical I.V. bag, blending the ingredients into a malleable paste which is then sucked into the mouths of hungry customers through a flexible feeding tube. Head chef and owner, Stephen Klasket explains the trend is incredibly popular in war torn areas of the world, where chewing food is not an option, and thought the idea would lend itself well to his cuisine. “I like the idea of taking the tastes of a variety of ingredients and fusing them through blending into a paste-like consistency that allows one to enjoy all tastes at once.” Klasket explains. “Why waste time using a fork to select different items on your plate when you can enjoy them all in blended paste format.”

Duck, beef, chicken and slect market fish dishes are all prepared by Klasket who tries to use locally produce foods and acquires his intravenous bags from a medical company in Toronto. Many customers enjoy the paste I.V. serving format, while other find it somewhat disturbing. “It’s nice to not have to chew, but it kind of brings back some horrible memories of when I was in ICU after my accident.” exclaimed BAG customer Agnus Littleton, who was fed intravenously for six weeks after her automobile accident.

BAG is currently not taking any reservations until 2011 since they are booked solid until then. BAG also offers desserts in a suppository pill format, with Klasket personally applying the dessert after the main course meal is finished. BAG is located at 76 Murray Street in the Byward Market.

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