Friday, November 19, 2010

Max Keeping Found Living Inside Toy Mountain

Carlingwood - Popular CTV News anchor Max Keeping has been discovered living inside a Toy Mountain receptacle at Carlingwood Mall yesterday morning. The retired CJOH TV personality was found by a mall security guard who happened to hear noises and "rustling" from inside the Toy Mountain which is located adjacent to the Santa display next to Northern Reflections.

Upon hearing the noises, the unidentified security guard opened the Toy Mountain tent flaps to discover a partially clothed and intoxicated Max Keeping inside who had nestled himself into the donated toys within. Apparently having lived in the Toy Mountain for a number of days, Mr. Keeping had fashioned a bed, Coleman stove and bar fridge, making it his home for the holidays. Mr. Keeping has recently been in transition from his previous home after retiring from CJOH news and is having trouble finding accommodations. He pleaded with mall security to remain in the Toy Mountain before he was escorted off mall property. Mr. Keeping then ran to his car where he donned a Santa hat and refused comment.

The Magic 100/CTV Toy Mountain is a Salvation Army initiative this holiday season to distribute toys to Ottawa's less fortunate children. The ongoing Toy Mountain program allows those who wish to donate a toy to drop them off in "mountain" shaped tent displays in malls across the region.


  1. Poor x-news anchor is probably homeless now. Blasted mall security. ;-)

  2. Someone donated a bar fridge to the kiddies? Perfect for keeping those child-sized bottles of Schlitz cold.