Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Condo Development Planned For Patch Of Grass In Westboro

Westboro- A three foot patch of grass in Westboro has recently been purchased by Ashcroft homes and plans are underway for a 12 story condominium building on the site with construction beginning April 2011. The desirable piece of curbside land between Tweedsmuir and Roosevelt Ave. was purchased by Ashcroft Developments in early October for $3.8 million and will offer residents a unique village lifestyle with the comforts of modern condo amenities.

“We really foresee this patch of grass being utilized to provide our residents with the best possible lifestyle in the desirable Westboro area.” Ashcroft Marketing Director Kelly Johnston explained. “With over 12 stories of condo comfort, we can offer a lifestyle like no other in the west end. Lattes. Outdoor adventure gear, and of course baby and toddler boutiques all await residents of this exciting new venture.” Johnston remarked.

The controversial patch of grass has been up for sale for about three months, and has been commonly known as a popular place for dogs to relieve themselves, windblown refuse to collect, and home to various ants who have built a complex underground community. A proposal was made to develop the grass patch into a yoga center, but was overturned in favour of the Ashcroft condo development. A state-of-the-art condo building with ground floor retail space offering yet even more coffee shops and organic green product stores to Westboro residents has been planned.

A challenge for Ashcroft architects will be to construct a 12 storey facility on a mere three square feet of space. “Challenging, yes, but we see today’s young professionals making the most of the limited space.” Head architect Schmitt Closson explained.

Residents should expect all traffic to be compounded into a massive traffic jam, and large dust storms of grit to occur for the period of June to September in the area of the grass patch and drivers are asked to adjust accordingly while construction is underway.


  1. In other news, thousands to be left homeless as city extradites downtown condos to build dog parks. More to come...

  2. what the deuce?! they couldn't get Barry Hobbin for this project?

  3. I was hoping it would become another tea shop.

  4. One less space to fly my kite. Booo hooo

  5. Stunning condo building that is. Wish I can live in a place like this.

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