Friday, February 10, 2012

New Tween Stroller Allows Over-Protective Parents To Maintain Coddling Their Child

Ottawa - A new store in Wellington West Village opened recently that offers over-protective parents a chance to continue coddling their child well into the teenage years. The new store "SunShinesOutta" will carry a line of parenting accessories such as tween strollers, tween carriers and an assortment of safety equipment for their child such as play time knee pads and Play-Doh safety goggles.

The new store located in West Wellington Village hopes to attract a growing market of parents with "tweens" who are looking to maintain the same level of childcare they gave when their child was much younger. "Parents in this area have a hard time letting go of the fact their kids are growing up, so we hope to offer something that makes the transition easier, or non-existent." explained SunShinesOutta owner Gail Kilborn. "We provide a selection of items that allow the coddling parent to continue the level of over-protection for their children well into their teenage years." Kilborn remarked.

The best seller in the newly opened store has been the "Tween Stroller" made by Tweeny that allows a parent to still push around their 11-13 year old child in a restrained stroller. The Tweeny comes equipped with latte and Nalgene water bottle holders, a Tilley Hat rack, Sunscreen bottle holder, and an iPad docking station. Other items available include a tween chest carrier that maintains the physical bond between child/parent well into the child's teenage years. Both items are constructed from lightweight but reinforced aluminum to carry the heavier weight of the older child. "We have already sold out of the Tweeny stroller, but hope to get another shipment in next week." says Kilborn. SunShinesOutta is located at 1295 Wellington St. West in the heart of West Wellington Village.


  1. I will with my family in Wellington next week, thanks for the share, will visit this store!!Daycare Receipt Template

  2. Are u kidding? This is a joke right?

  3. Fuck off , the stroller is more than likely for special needs children.

  4. Could you tell me the price n how to buy this. I need it for my 10 years old child with a special needs. Thank you.