Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ailing Grandmother Delighted To Receive Text-To-Voice Message From Grandchild

Almonte - A 92 year old grandmother from Almonte, ON was excited to receive a garbled, robotic, computer simulated voice message originating from her 11 year old grandchild who lives in Stittsville. Jane Denlop, 92, received the automatic message on her rotary home phone from her grandson, Tyler Curtis, who sent a text message from his iPhone while playing Xbox at a friend's house. Unable to receive text messaging because she doesn't own a cell phone, her home phone translated the text message in a special automatic text-to-voice recording that Denlop heard when she answered the call early Tuesday morning. "I just picked up the phone when it rang and a woman computer voice told me to to have a happy birthday and some other things that I couldn't quite understand, but maybe that was because my hearing aid was turned down." said Denlop, who is recovering from a mild stroke she suffered last month. "I was just delighted Tyler thought of me and sent such a lovely message since I haven't seen him in four months." Denlop also explained how she tried to respond to the computer voice, but because it was a recording, her response went unanswered.

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