Monday, February 13, 2012

Chinese Translation Error Ruins Valentine's Day For Millions

Ottawa - A translation error at Pyuang Chocotreats has left millions trying to cope with a ruined Valentine's Day after chocolates made by the Chinese manufacturer wreaked havoc across the nation. With many consumers rushing at the last minute to buy something for their sweetheart on Valentine's Day, many did not notice the labelling error on the heart shaped box of chocolates. A translation error at the company resulted in the words "I Love You" being incorrectly translated and printed onto the box as "I Loathe You", leading many couples to suffer break-ups and consequential disaster.

Pyuang Chocotreats President Kwon Lin Sung addressed the error this morning after complaints from angry customers began to pour in over Valentine's Day. He expressed "sincere apologies" for the mix-up, and blames his translator at the company for the dramatic manufacturing error. The translator responsible was immediately fired by firing squad.

Millions of angry customers are demanding refunds and legal retribution after thousands of couples suffered unintended breaks-ups and even divorces in some cases. "I gave my wife a box of what I thought were nice chocolates, but being rushed at the last minute, I really didn't have time to check the writing on it...I guess you just trust it would be ok." remarked Hal Johnson, 43, whose wife reuses to speak to him after he gave her the ill-fated box of chocolates.

Over 2 million boxes of the wrongly translated Valentine's chocolates have been distributed and are currently under recall to prevent further disaster. Pyunag Chocotreats is offering a full refund to customers who recently purchased the "I Loathe You" box.


  1. Right, blame everything on the Translators!

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