Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ottawa Christmas Toys As Found In The Sears Wish Book

Occupy Ottawa Junior Protestor Tent - re-create the excitement of camping out for weeks in the cold with these colourful Junior Occupy tents. Bongos sold separately.

Gabby Glebe Adopted Foreign Baby Stroller - Have your child join in on the fun of raising an adopted baby from China or the Slavic states with this fun stroller built for two. Includes two racially diverse dolls.

Arnprior Go-Kart- Start your budding hick off right with this Prior favourite. Includes authentic Valley Accent voice commands. Gun rack not included.

Britannia Beach Home E-Coli Kit-close your own beach with this mini-aqaurium full of playful E-Coli bacteria!

Farrhaven Family Fun Pack- enjoy re-creating suburban life with this exciting WASP family& Golden Retriever! Beige minivan not included.

Westboro Playsafe Patty- Westboro kids will love this realistically overly safetied non-action figure.

That Weird Manotick Horse Chick- Stunningly gorgeous, however this blonde bombshell is weird in that she is more interested in horses than anything else. Comes with own chastity belt.

Confederation Park Remote Control Rat - Have hours of fun racing this handsome rat around your very own Occupy Protestor Tents!

Carling Ave. Endoscopy Playset- perform exciting medical procedures w/this hilariously sterile playset.

Westboro Condo Crane- enjoy building 28 storey boutique inspired condos with this splendidly fun condo crane.

Rideau St. Tot Tattoo Parlour - Have your child re-create barbed wire and butterfly tattoos on the whole family!

Vanier Robber Rascal ATM- Start your budding criminal with stolen PINs w/ this realistic ATM

Rockcliffe Kadillac For Kids - Get your child acquainted with the prestige of owning an Escalade in this scaled down Caddy!

Wellington West Sled Capsule- Muffle the screams of your French Immersion Montesorri bound tot in this handsome plastic bubble.

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  1. Hilarious post. Well done! I especially like the weird horse chick, I don't know why... She's so elusive.