Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun New Retro Restaurant All-Smoking

Ottawa - Another hip, new restaurant has opened in the Hintonburg neighbourhood of Ottawa that is a throwback to dining days past. The new restaurant,"Glaze" will offer bland, processed foods along with the opportunity to light up a cigarette during your meal. Bypassing provincial non-smoking regulations due to its historical status, "Glaze" will allow smoking and even offer free packs of smokes with every appetizer ordered. Decorated to resemble a vintage 1967 restaurant and cocktail lounge, "Glaze" owner Gill Handrake believes his new restaurant will appeal to a wide clientele, both young and old. "The young, hipster crowd will enjoy the retro element to the place, and the older crowd will enjoy the dining experience of years past with our full smoking facility." explained Handrake who opened "Glaze" in early December. With a menu consisting of bland, colourless, vegetable-less, high caloric foods, "Glaze" will also offer incredibly strong cocktails served by staff who will call you "pal" or "hun". Smoking is encouraged during your meal with trained bus-boys available to empty ashtrays and light cigarettes for waiting customers.

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