Thursday, December 22, 2011

Canadian Tire Guy Seen Offering To Scrape Windshields For Spare Change

Ottawa - Once a popular television personality, the now destitute and desperate Canadian Tire Guy was spotted yesterday offering to scrape ice from car windshields at the intersection of Bronson and Somerset. Asking passing motorists if they would like their iced-over windshields efficiently scraped clear with the MotoMaster IcePic for a dollar, the Canadian Tire Guy was seen to be in a distressed and desperate state. One unidentified motorist who gave the Canadian tire Guy a dollar for his services said he seemed "desperate for money" and that he mentioned "needing cash for Christmas".

Using the patented "ice razor design" on his Motomaster Ice Pic that he once helped promote during his ad campaign with Canadian Tire between 2002-2008, The Canadian Tire guy was happy to assist drivers with their iced over windshields during last night's freezing rain storm in exchange for donations. His efforts to make money were short-lived however when Ottawa Police arrived on the scene and he fled into a nearby park. Known for his informative and overly-helpful television commercials, the Canadian tire Guy was dismissed in 2006 and has rarely been seen since. He follows "Scrooge Approved" Guy who was also dismissed from Canadian Tire television commercials in the late 1990's and has also never been heard from again.

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