Thursday, December 8, 2011

Condo Development Plans For Miniature Christmas Village Upset Retirement Home Residents

Ottawa - The approval of a 28 story model condo development in a ceramic miniature Christmas village at the Devonshire Retirement Residence has some residents upset and wanting answers. A tradition at Devonshire since 1999 when resident Doris Hillman began her quaint miniature village, residents are concerned the new condo tower planned for the model village will ruin the nostalgic feel of their Christmas village and create unwanted traffic woes.

Ashcroft Homes has recently purchased a 6x6 inch parcel of land in the existing village, which currently contains a miniature ceramic cobbler shop that will be demolished according to plans this December 15th. The ceramic cobbler shop was a gift to Doris from her now deceased roommate at Devonshire, and has her upset at the prospect of a condo tower taking its place. "Bethany gave me that cobbler shop back in 2001, and it breaks my heart to know it will be removed for a pile of condos." Doris Hillman remarked.

Director of Planning at Ashcroft Developments, Norm Selger says the planned model condo tower has been in development for over a year now, and should come as no surprise to the Devonshire residents. "We purchased the cobbler shop from Ms. Hillman last year for market value, so I don't see what the problem is." Selger explained. "Our model condo tower is sure to please residents when its finally constructed later this month, and I think it will only add to the miniature village skyline." commented Selger. Selger also boasted the model condo tower will have an LED display and miniature Starbucks at its base.

A medley of ceramic buildings acquired by Hillman through eBay, gifts from friends and relatives, Hillman is saddened her village will be altered but hopes the nostalgic feelings will not be lost. "Sometimes I pretend to walk the quiet, storybook streets of my miniature village as an escape from this dreary place, and I pretend not to hear the moans and chatter or screams of pain. Now all that might be lost." sobbed Hillman, who plans on staging a miniature protest of ceramic figures moved over from the skating rink area of the village.


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