Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zombies, Fake Cobwebs And Witch Hat Spook Up Local Nursing Home

Ottawa- The usual moans and groans emanating from The Shadesmere nursing home are no longer from the residents, but from the pre-recorded spooky soundtrack the enthusiastic receptionist is playing during the week leading up to her favourite day...Halloween. Kelly Snider, a receptionist at The Shadesmere, has taken it upon herself to “spookify” the reception desk and surrounding area with fake cobwebs, zombie mannequins and by donning a hilarious witch hat to greet and monitor residents as they pass by. “I really wanted to bring some ghoulish flair to these halls, make the residents really feel like they are among the undead this Halloween.” remarked Snider, who wears an oversized witch hat during her shift at The Shadesmere, a seniors retirement and nursing centre located in Kanata.

Residents from The Shadesmere have mixed reactions to the spooky, haunted decor in their hallowed halls, with some residents unable to distinguish the scary mannequins from their fellow roommates. One 92 year old resident was somewhat taken aback by the mechanical ghost that jumps out from a broom closet, sending her to the Emergency Room to be treated for shock. “I guess the spookiness and ghoulish flair is a bit much for some of the older residents, but I think the majority get a real kick out of my Halloween decorations.” stated Snider who passes out molasses candies to residents each Halloween. “A lot of them ruin their dentures with the candy, but I think it’s all worth it.” she replied.

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