Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Costumed Dogs Go Feral On Owner

Ottawa - Two pet dogs went absolutely feral on their owner after being made to wear ridiculous Halloween costumes which may have triggered aggressive behaviour in the dogs. "Rory" an Alsatian mix, and "Sally" a Golden Retriever were forced to wear an Elvis and fireman dog costumes respectively for a neighbourhood Halloween party but the simple act of "dress-up" turned sour when the two dogs snapped, and then turned on their owners resulting in a viscous attack that leaves 38 year old Terry Howitz in hospital with multiple lacerations.

Dog expert and local veterinarian Dr. Laura Goldstein believes the unprovoked attack is a direct result of the dogs feeling ashamed and dis-respected, belittling their primal pack instincts, and ultimately leading them to lash out through a feral attack. "We see this kind of feral attack behaviour more often around Halloween and Christmas when owners think it's cute to outfit their pets in hilarious outfits, but most pet owners forget these are pack animals derived from the wolf genus, which can lead to an unprovoked attack due to feelings of shame and ridicule." Goldstein remarked.

Pet owners are advised to use caution when donning their dogs in goofy outfits, and to respect the dog's feelings. "Maybe your dog doesn't really want to be dressed as Darth Vader or Elvis." Goldstein commented. "Dogs can be unpredictable, especially when in a super-hero costume."

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