Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Record Voter Turnout Attributed To Fun New Pumpkin Ballot Boxes

Ontario- A record number of Ontario voters turned out in droves Thursday to cast their ballots in what has become the most well attended voter turnout in Ontario Election history. Elections Ontario is attributing the record turnout to their use of new whimsical, seasonal themed ballot boxes that utilized hand carved pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, making the voting process a fun and rewarding experience. Angela Polmeda, President of Elections Ontario is praising the new pumpkin ballot boxes, and is pleased with the positive response and the results this election. “We thought it would be a fun way for voters to cast their ballots, instead of the traditional and somewhat boring white cardboard box.” Polmeda explained. “Counting the ballots was a little more difficult with pumpkin juice staining a lot of the votes, but we made up for that with voter turn-out, which was our goal.” she explained.

Polling stations across Ontario had pumpkin boxes provided to them by local schools and youth groups, who hand carved each ballot pumpkin so each voter had a unique and individual voting experience. “I really smiled dropping my ballot into the pumpkin carved out to look like a pirate, it made voting fun.” remarked an unidentified voter from North Bay. “It’s usually so boring, but I liked it this time, it felt really seasonal with the whole pumpkin thing.” he replied.

The ballot pumpkins will be destroyed and burned, or smashed onto roadways after they are emptied and accounted for as per Elections Onatrio regulations.

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