Sunday, October 16, 2011

Westboro Welcomes New Organic, Artisan Gun Shop

Westboro- A new neighbour joined the bustling shopping mecca of Westboro this past weekend when "Lulubridgetukah Co-Op" opened its doors Saturday morning to throngs of shoppers making their way through the vibrant neighbourhood. A destination for active living and outdoorsy-type shoppers, the new store will provide discriminating Westboro shoppers with organic, fair trade artisan made hand guns of the highest quality. Lulubridgetukah Co-Op owner Ray Nobleman opened his store to fill the need for a gun shop that provided durable but organically made hand guns for the residents of Westboro and surrounding area. "I knew I wanted to open a shop that offered artisan crafted, fair trade hand guns that were also bio-degradable for active living lifestyles." Nobleman explained. "Now Westboro shoppers have the opportunity to browse our selection of fine weapons and accessories while sipping their latte, or walking their baby in a stroller." remarked Nobleman, whose store boasts over 1,500 square feet of concealable hand guns with a special baby stroller parking area that accommodates the over-sized strollers that most Westboro residents utilize.

A former US Navy Seal, Nobleman brings over 30 years of hand gun experience to Westboro shoppers, who he thinks will be impressed by his wide selection of firearms. Lulubridgetukah Co-Op will also market lessons, and proper holstering instructions to clients who purchase a hand gun at no extra charge. Nobleman also notes his store has a built in firing range where customers can squeeze off a few rounds and test their weapon before purchase.

Lulubridgetukah Co-Op had its Grand Opening Saturday with hundreds of Westboro shoppers stopping in to check out the selection of hand guns and unique accessories that included a stroller holster, and special hemp holster that easily conceals inside a fleece vest. The store is located in between the two Bridgehead coffee shops in Westboro on Richmond Road and can also be found online at

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