Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toyota Prius Recalled After Giant Spike Found On Steering Wheel

Toronto - Toyota Canada made a formal announcement early Monday recalling over 50,000 vehicles due to a giant spike that was incorrectly installed on the 2011 model Prius. The recall hopes to avoid any potentially harmful accidents where the giant spike may cause injury if impaled upon. Toyota Canada President Mark Logan announced the recall after a Prius owner was seriously injured after the spike stabbed the driver after making a sudden stop. "We hope the spike can be removed in time before more injuries occur and we will do our best to ensure the recall procedure is as efficient and convenient for our valued customers as possible." Logan remarked at the press conference Toyota organized Monday morning.

The giant spike that was installed on most 2011 Prius models was an oversight in the assembly process at the Fushisimi plant in Japan. The giant spike was not noticed by many Prius owners until they applied ample braking during a stop, and then they noticed the large, titanium protrusion was impaling their upper chest area.

Toyota aims to have the recall completed by this fall and encourages current Prius owners with the giant spike to exercise caution while braking.


  1. This is a safety feature that I think Ralph Nader once suggested. People would drive more carefully with a giant spike on their steering wheel.