Monday, September 23, 2013

Matte Black Paint Finish Dramatically Reduces Glare For Drivers With White Sunglasses: Study

A driver with white sunglasses in his older model matte black Honda Civic.
White sunglasses.
Ottawa - After a sixteen month study into the effects of glare onto men's white sunglasses it was determined that a matte black paint finish can reduce driver glare by up to 75%. Conducted by the National Research Council Bro Labs, the in-depth study proves that a driver who spray paints their older model Civic, Acura or other vehicle makes with a matte black paint can expect to reduce the blinding glare from the sun. 

A popular trend in automotive finishes, the matte black paint was also found to create a "stealth" like radar signature that makes it almost invisible to ordinary citizens who may have been drawn to the car's custom exhaust, 20inch chrome wheels or intense subwoofer. 

The sun's glare is reduced by up to 75% on white sunglasses.
White sunglasses, which are popular with many of the drivers of the matte black painted vehicles, also showed an increased efficiency in attracting the female species when used in conjunction with one another. The study, which tested over 300 vehicles and their drivers illustrated that the two need to be combined for the most optimal results. NRC officials also stated the matte black finish does not apply to Jeep Wranglers because they already have been engineered to work well with the white sunglasses.

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