Friday, September 13, 2013

Employee Brings Lunch In No Less Than 28 Separate Tupperware Containers

Miriam Tanner, 34, with her 30 or so Tupperware lunch containers.

Ottawa - An employee of Synth-tec Creative Strategies on Slater St. continues to bring her lunch from home in at least 28 separate Tupperware containers every single day. The assortment of Tupperware contains a complete selection of food items that range from leftover Chinese food, to salads, to apple sauce and nuts. Miriam Tanner, 34, a level 4 production manager who has been with Synth-tec Creative Strategies since 2007, brings her assorted Tupperware containers in a reusable crate that she also uses to carry home the multitude of containers each evening when she returns home.

Some of Tanner's empty lunch containers at her desk.
Also noted for bringing a variety of aromatic dishes to work, Tanner hopes others do the same and eliminate lunch-time waste by using reusable Tupperware containers. "I like to bring everything I might need for a balanced lunch in its own separate container." says Tanner, who spends 2 hours each night preparing her lunch to bring to work the next day. "I even have containers for salt, salad dressing, croutons, and even a small one for pickles and olives." Tanner explains.

On occasion the tower of Tupperware at Tanner's cubicle desk topples over, spewing containers into the work area, sometimes injuring other employees. Once Tanner forgot her Tupperware containers over a weekend due to being on NeoCitran and mould formed inside the 30 or so containers left behind over the 72 hour period. "I washed them out and they were fine." remarks Tanner who also puts gum in separate Tupperware container. "It stays fresher that way."

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