Thursday, September 5, 2013

Soft Rock Cafe To Replace Hard Rock Cafe in Byward Market

A new "Soft Rock Cafe" is replacing the old Hard Rock Cafe in the market this October. 

Ottawa - After 17 years as a ByWard Market icon, the Hard Rock Cafe will close its doors and be replaced by an all new "Soft Rock Cafe" which will open October 1. 

Stevie Nicks' cape from a 2004 concert
will be featured in the decor.
Curly Fries mimicking Kenny G's hair is a menu item.
Management of the Ottawa location confirmed that they will be replaced with a new theme restaurant that will focus on soft rock and a more soothing dining environment. The Hard Rock Cafe which first opened in the Byward market in 1998, will be remembered for it's rock and roll theme, with many curious objects related to that musical genre adorning its walls. Guitars, microphones, concert apparel and other whimsical and historical musical memorabilia were all part of the Hard Rock dining experience.

Kenny G's clarinet
will be featured.
With the opening of the new Soft Rock Cafe, the same theme will be carried on, but focusing on the the more relaxed, soothing musical genre of Soft Rock. The new restaurant's general manager Doug Leighton calls the adjustment a "New and fresh approach to relaxed dining." Having been a former DJ with Ottawa's various soft music stations, Leighton hopes to capture the soft rock experience that is so popular within Ottawa culture. "With most of Ottawa tuning in to stations's like Majic100 and other soft rock radio, we thought a Soft Rock Cafe was a logical replacement restaurant." says Leighton, who has spent the summer collecting various soft rock memorabilia to decorate the new restaurant. Musical items that will decorate the Soft Rock Cafe's walls include Kenny G's comforting clarinet and Stevie Nicks' cape she wore during a Fleetwood Mac comeback concert in 2004.

Slated to open October 1, Leighton hopes a whole new customer base will support the Soft Rock cafe and enjoy its dim lighting, soothing sounds and comfortable seating. Special menu items to match the restaurant theme include "Courvoisier Glazed Meatloaf" and "Kenny G's Spiral Fries" that mimic the soft rock icon's trademark hair.

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