Monday, February 24, 2014

Westboro Couple Looking Forward To Going To Bed At 9pm Tonight

Westboro - Leslie and Steve are excited at the prospect of an early night to bed this evening thanks to a new exercise regime and the end of the Olympics. "We can't wait to dim the lights of our condo and slip into our individually engineered organic mattresses so we can wake up at 5am to run in -30 degrees." exclaimed Leslie, a longtime Westboro resident. The decision to head to bed early was made easier with the completion of the latest Winter Olympics that sometimes pushed the couple's bedtime past 10pm. "We found ourselves staying up past 9pm to watch the freestyle competitions and of course the luge." remarked Steve who has to be up early to get his cubicle by 7am, a self imposed schedule he likes so he can be home by 3pm.

With weekends a little more lax, the couple will go to bed at 10pm so they they can sleep in until 8am when they get up for couples hot yoga and then enjoy a latte at Bridgehead by 10am and finish their weekend shopping at Herb & Spice.

The new early bedtime should prove to a hit with the Westboro couple who look to their condo neighbours for inspiration, a group of people who regularly enter REM sleep by 9pm.


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