Monday, November 12, 2012

New Bank Street Traffic Sign Clears Things Up

New easy to read traffic sign at Bank and Slater intersection.
Ottawa - The myriad of confusing traffic signs on Bank Street just got a little less complicated today when City of Ottawa Traffic Operations crews added a simple, easy to read sign at the intersection of Bank and Slater streets. Once a scene of confusion and uncertainty for motorists, the new sign installed today will help clear up the turning and rush hour rules that hindered motorists in the past. Using 4 easy to read arrow and bold font instructional headers, the new sign should make it easier for traffic encountering the intersection to navigate with ease through the already easy going Bank Street turning lanes.

"We hope to see a 16% increase in ease of traffic flow at the Bank and Slater intersection after this new sign is installed commented Traffic Operation Manager Dwight Yeardley. "The new sign really makes it easy for motorists traveling on the busy street to quickly and decisively make a traffic decision with regards to direction and turning." Yeardley remarked.

Somewhat of a confusing intersection in the past, the new sign adds 4 new restricted passage indications that sharp sighted, quick thinking motorists will easily comprehend. Through flowing traffic is allowed to pass between certain daylight hours on specific weekdays, while left turning cars that are blue are allowed to turn between 2am and 4pm. There are some allowances for hourly transportation regarding time frame and nature of the turn.

Traffic Operations hopes to alleviate the confusion experienced with this new sign, and hopes to install 104 similar signs throughout the downtown Ottawa core in 2013.

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  1. Now that’s much better!!! But they should make a fix sign just to be final…