Monday, November 5, 2012

Glebe Begins De-gentrification To Attract Hipster Crowd

Glebe undergoing de-gentrification process to attract more hipsters
 Glebe - The upscale and high-income neighbourhood of The Glebe began intense de-gentrification of its main street and nearby residential streets in an attempt to attract more hipsters and put itself back in Ottawa's trendy limelight. Once known as Ottawa's "trendy" neighbourhood during the 1980s and early 1990s, The Glebe hopes to regain that title by slowly de-gentrifying its assortment of upscale boutiques, fine food stores and wine bars. Taking their place will be grimy, greasy food stands serving artisan like cuisine in a grungy atmosphere favoured by the hipster set in Ottawa. There will also be a city-ordered removal of car parking that will be replaced with bicycle stands for old 1970s style junk bikes to be locked to. Vintage clothing shops, vinyl record stores, and an Urban Outfitters will all be installed as part of the de-gentrification process of the Glebe that begins December 1.

De-gentrification of The Glebe should be complete by 2013
Glebe BIA President Hugh Hutchins thinks the de-gentrification of the neighbourhood to try and attract a more hip, younger crowd back to the Glebe will prove successful and once again put The Glebe in the trendy limelight it once enjoyed. "We once attracted hundreds of young, hip people back in the 1980s but now they all seem to want to hang out in Hintonburg or Westboro." says Hutchins. "We are removing all forms of yuppiness here in the Glebe and hope we can bring back the grungy, up-and-coming feel that so many younger folks seem to gravitate to." Hutchins remarked.

Restaurants in the newly de-gentrified Glebe will only offer $20 and up grease filled food items and beer that you've never heard of that is either micro-brewed or has something infused into it. 

The Glebe is plans to be fully de-gentrified by January 1 with most stores and restaurants being transformed into pop-up places or vintage item outlets by Christmas.

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