Monday, November 26, 2012

Canada Goose Wearing Hipsters Experienced Arctic Program Before You Even Heard Of It

Ottawa - A group of bearded, youthful aficionados of all things retro and un-mainstream banded together recently to discuss their combined adventures in the Canada Goose Arctic Program, before you even heard of the Arctic Program.  Meeting over micro-brewed organic beers at the Elmdale Tavern in the burgeoning arts district of Hintonburg, the group of 10 or so bespectacled, bearded leaders of the avant-garde reminded themselves, companions and others surrounding them that they were in the special Arctic Program before it was mainstream sometime in the early 2000's. 
Hume in the 2007 Arctic Program before you heard of it.

Cory & Nathan on ice floes in the  2006 Arctic Program
The Canada Goose jacket company launched the gruelling Arctic Program in 1989 which is commemorated with a special patch emblazoned on each of their cold weather jackets. Many current hipsters in urban centres wear the jackets, with most of the general public being unaware that the Canada Goose wearing hipsters all endured the special Arctic Program prior to wearing the jacket for personal use.

Being flown in by the hundreds, many hipsters travelled to the extreme northern latitudes to hang out drinking Pabst Blue ribbon beer, discussing obscure 1980's music albums while building glacial hangouts with ice picks and acetylene torches. Once in the Arctic Program, some decided to explore Iceland, and familiarize themselves with Sigur Ros, a now popular music group that wasn't so mainstream back in the first days of the Arctic Program. Teaching each other how to play banjos and harmonicas while eating deep-fried narwhal blubber tacos on free floating ice floes, many hipsters mapped vast expanses of the Arctic in the Arctic Program before returning to their current urban neighbourhoods. Most of the Arctic Program hipsters used their valuable Arctic Program experience to gain employment at local organic grocery stores, used record shops, vintage clothing stores or coffee shops, and relate their knowledge of Sigur Ros and other Arctic Program experiences to friends.

Josh, and girlfriend, Malaya, in the Arctic Program
"We all ventured into the Arctic Program before you even heard of it, experiencing the unbelievable thrills and cold weather that allow us to wear our Canada Goose Jackets with pride." said Kyle Rayson, 32, who completed his Arctic Program in 2006. "We wear these jackets because we did something before it became mainstream." Rayson remarked. "A lot of people are now wearing these jackets, but we did it before it became popular." he remarked. 

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