Monday, November 19, 2012

Cat Bus Drivers Hazardous: Watchdog

Wiggles, an OC Transpo cat driver under fire from city watchdog.
Ottawa - The recent hiring of cat bus drivers within OC Transpo has one city watchdog upset and warning they may pose a serious hazard on city streets. With most cat drivers taking over the more stressful bus routes within the city, watchdogs are warning that the cat drivers could suddenly turn erratic, causing sudden changes in direction of the bus, or even applying the brakes dangerously. 

City watchdog, Rufus, says the cat drivers can not be trusted and should be placed in a training program before being allowed to operate transit buses within the city. One cat driver, Wiggles, is upset the watchdog would make such a statement when no accidents or incidents involving cat drivers have ever been reported.

Rufus, city watchdog, thinks the cat drivers are a bad idea.
Passengers riding cat driven buses seem to enjoy the relaxed driving by the cats who are uncannily always on schedule and have not been in any accidents. Some passengers have reported some allergic reactions but no formal complaints have been lodged.

 City officials will continue to monitor the cat drivers and will take the watchdog's recommendation into consideration during the annual Transit Commission Review in early 2013.


  1. I for one welcome our new cat bus driver overlords.

  2. One concerned citizen has been quoted as saying, "Woof woof bark. Grrr. Howl!"