Monday, October 22, 2012

Office Receptionist Starts Fake Cobwebbing The Desk

Office receptionist Brenda Logan, 32, spooks up the Modutel office.
Ottawa - With Halloween fast approaching, local office receptionist Brenda Logan, 32, began the annual ritual of decorating the office with spooky cobwebs, pumpkins and assorted plastic spiders. Logan, an avid Halloween buff, thought it would be best to get out the fake cobwebs a week earlier than usual to get things "spooked up" in time for fellow co-workers to enjoy her annual display. 

Sporting a gruesome latex rubber mask that Logan usually wears everyday of the week leading up to Halloween, the office certainly seemed more spine tingling than normal. "I like to stretch lots of the cobwebs over my desk then place a lot of plastic spiders on the webs." explains Logan who has been the receptionist at Modutel Technologies for the last nine years. "This year I am also putting out a fake severed hand that actually looks pretty real and might give Carl in accounting a bit of a scare." says Logan who spent 6 hours preparing the Halloween display.

Her mask, a realistic latex head piece that depicts a man's face that has been doused in toxic acid, helps convey the spooky mood of the office, and brings to life the ghoulish nature of the Halloween spirit. "I usually wear the mask all day, and even eat my lunch through the mouth opening." remarked Logan. "Answering the phones can be somewhat difficult, but it's all worth it when the UPS guy comes in and jumps back in fright."

Co-workers at Modutel Technologies seem to enjoy the spooky display at Logan's desk, but sometimes worry she may get hot in the latex mask all day. "Brenda really makes it pretty scary around the office and even has a fake severed arm this year. We really hope she doesn't suffocate in that mask, she wears it all day." said Hal Norset who has enjoyed Logan's annual Halloween display for many years. "Between the pumpkins, cobwebs, and her mask, Modutel is pretty spooktacular this year." Norset remarked.

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