Monday, October 15, 2012

New Hangover Cereal Hits The Shelves

Ottawa - Kellogg's released their latest variety of cereal yesterday that will be sure to please those that favour cold pizza the morning after a hard night of partying. The new cereal called "Cold Pizza Smacks" hit grocery store shelves Monday morning, offering customers a chance to enjoy a cereal based on the craving for cold pizza during a morning hangover. The tiny, morsel sized little pizza slices pour effortlessly into a cereal bowl allowing hungover patrons to add milk and enjoy a delightful cold pizza cereal.

Kellogg's Vice President of Marketing Ken Goldblum calls the new cereal "a breakthrough in hangover cereal that combines the need for cold pizza with the convenience of a cereal box". "No longer will hungover people have to wish for cold pizza when they wake up, they can just pour themselves a delicious and nutritious bowl of Cold Pizza Smacks and enjoy the flavour and nourishment they deserve after a hard night of partying." Goldblum explained.

Comprised of miniature pizza slices that have been freeze dried, the Cold Pizza Smacks true pizza flavour is released when milk has been poured over them, releasing the cold pizza flavour, consumed by the hungover person eating it.  College and university tuck shops have already sold out of the cereal, with Kellogg's factories working overtime to keep up with demand. "We realize many people out there do not want to eat a bowl of Muselix or Corn Flakes when they wake up from a hard night of partying, so we are making every effort to produce Cold Pizza Smacks to meet the high demand." says Goldblum.

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