Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wakefield Fashion Show Draws Crowd Of Eight

Wakefield, QC - A subdued and introspective crowd of eight people gathered Saturday night in the town of Wakefield to view the latest in Wakefield fashions and sample some freshly baked granola-flaxseed muffins. Introducing her new line of eco-friendly fashions, Wakefield resident and fashion designer Nula Santros addressed the quiet and liberal crowd with a speech exemplifying the importance of buying eco-conscious, hand made clothing, and shunning traditional normal fashion sense in favour of a more hippie/gypsy looks that the area has become known for. “Don’t be fooled into wearing something just because a well-groomed, clean scented, hairless-armpit woman is wearing it.” Santros explained.

The new line of clothes designed by Santros utilize fairly traded materials such as used burlap grain sacks, recycled tarpaulins and curtains from an abandoned motel outside of Chelsea, QC. The materials are then hand crafted into frumpy, shapeless, androgynous outfits that can be worn with accessories from the Wakefield area such as hand-knit Alpaca wool Rastafarian hats, boiled wool footwear and jewelry made out of chakra stones. Shunning any fashion sense or latest trends in normal society, the new line of clothes by Santros will maintain Wakefield’s reputation as an ultra left-wing, communal area.

The event originally had 10 people in attendance but two people had to leave to attend a protest down the street against a proposed home renovation where the house in question was going to be renovated to actually look nice. The remaining eight people then watched as various models from the area sporting Santros’ fashions walked up and down a runway to the soothing sounds of Native American throat singers and Ravi Shankar. After the fashion show, the audience was treated to some organic muffins that weighed 5 pounds each and encourage regularity for up to 4 weeks. Santros hailed the event as a success and was surprised at the number in attendance. “I didn’t think we’d have as many people as we did here tonight considering this town’s lack of interest in fashion, so I’m pleased.” Santros beamed.

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