Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ashcroft Accidentally Demolishes Own Offices For Condo Development

Ottawa - In an unfortunate internal office memo gaffe, Ashcroft Homes has mistakenly demolished its regional headquarters building and began construction on a 9 storey condominium before realizing their mistake. Demolition crews began tearing down the Ashcroft offices Sunday morning with employees arriving for work Monday and realizing of their grave error. The accidental demolition and subsequent pouring of concrete footings for a new condo on the former office site has caused major setbacks for the developer, known for its developments in the Westboro area. Executive Vice President Harvey Chandler described the tragic loss of their offices as "an internal mis-communication" and hopes the accident will not delay any current condo development projects already underway. "We obviously made some kind of internal error, but I think the new condo on our former office site will provide a unique boutique living lifestyle for those seeking condos in an industrial park area." Chandler exclaimed.

Using a backhoe and bulldozer, demolition crews removed the existing office building in about 4 hours, with most debris being carted away to an off-site dumping ground. Foundation footings were then put into place with concrete forms already having concrete poured in them as of Monday morning. Many employees were shocked to see their office completely gone Monday morning, but they will resume business as usual using the former Westboro convent building which Ashcroft currently owns. The accidental condo construction will resume later in the week and should be ready for occupancy in Spring 2013.

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