Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Ikea To Have Assemble-While-You Wait In Line Option

Ottawa- When the nation’s largest Ikea store opens next Wednesday December 7th, customers will have the unique option to assemble their furniture while they wait in the massive check-out line ups. With the usual wait times in a typical Ikea check out line being approximately 38 minutes, shoppers can now use that lengthy time to assemble the furniture they have in their carts. Ikea Canada President Olaf Ericksson hopes this new feature will alleviate some of the frustrations Ikea customers had waiting in long line ups at the cash registers. “Now people can assemble their “Klimgarrd” side table while they wait in line, making Ikea yet again the most efficient shopping experience available.” Eriksson boasted.

The new “Assemble-While-You Wait” option will have a seprate queue for customers to tear open their boxes and begin assembling their products while ever so slowly inching towards the cash register. In addition to the assembly area, special pneumatic allen key wrenches will be available for customers to use as well as trained Ikea staff to aid in the assembly proecedure. Eriksson believes this new option will add yet another positive note to the Ikea experience, stating, “Now customers can walk out of the store with a fully assembled product, efficiently using the 38 minutes they spent waiting in line.”

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