Monday, November 7, 2011

Makers Of Popular 'Angry Birds' Launch New 'Angry Bus Drivers' Game

Ottawa- Recent news of an OC Transpo bus driver who lost his temper at a mentally challenged passenger has spawned the developers of the widely popular 'Angry Birds' video game to launch a new app game entitled 'Angry Bus Bus Drivers'. The highly anticipated new game features a disgruntled OC Transpo bus driver in a fit of rage, destroying notable Ottawa landmarks such as the Parliament Buildings, and the more topical Royal Ottawa Mental Health Institute, inspired by the real-life report of an Ottawa bus driver screaming profanities at a mentally ill passenger.

"This new game is a highly entertaining follow-up to our sensationally popular original 'Angry Birds' game, which has sold over 300 million copies worldwide." explained Angry Birds Senior Developer Johann Nustailennen, who helped create the original Angry Birds game in 2009. "Basing our new game on the actual video footage of an OC Transpo bus driver unleashing a rage of profanity laden anger towards a handicapped passenger will bring a certain level of topical realism that I think fans of the original game should enjoy." Nustailennen remarked. After multiple levels of destroying Ottawa landmarks, players can unlock a level where they can ram an angry bus driver down the throat of a meek passenger for bonus points.

The 'Angry Bus Driver' game is officially launched on November 12 at which point customers can download the game app for $1.99 through the App Store. OC Transpo will be earning substantial royalties from the game sales once it is released, but still plans on raising transit fares in 2012 to ensure they can hire only the best, hatred filled, angry bus drivers for Ottawa passengers to enjoy.

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