Monday, November 21, 2011

Westboro SUVs Crushed As Stroller Chase Strays Off Sidewalk Into Traffic

Wellington St. W. - Vehicle traffic in the West Wellington Village area was disrupted on a quiet Sunday afternoon after a stroller chase lead to a massive stroller straying off the sidewalk and into traffic. The usually quiet, latte toting sidewalk foot traffic scattered as the errant stroller careened off the sidewalk and head on into a passing Subaru SUV . The climatic end to a 23 minute stroller chase through the baby boutique and active-outerwear lined streets of Westboro and West Wellington Village left 4 vehicles damaged, but no one injured. Police Constable Michaels who responded to the incident said the stroller lost control after being chased by an upset Mother-In-Law who was chasing the stroller and unidentified mom pushing the stroller. The massive stroller narrowly avoided a marble artichoke statue on the sidewalk, careening off the sidewalk and into traffic. Police are still investigating and ask witnesses to the accident to contact their local detachment of the Ottawa Police Department.

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